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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

UBB: Preston And Chantelle Get Ever Closer

Day 85: It seems that Preston and Chantelle could be about to rekindle their romance, as comments from the pair indicate. According to Digital Spy, Preston has been remembering why he fell in love with Chantelle.

As the CBB4 winner sat with Brian on the sofas, Preston exited the Diary Room and revealed that his latest visit had seen Big Brother pelt him with questions about their relationship.

"They asked me a lot about you. 'Do you think we'll be friends?', 'Do you think Chantelle feels the same?' and I said, 'I guess I'll find out when I get out'."

When the pair pressed the Ordinary Boys frontman for more details, he replied: "I just said that I think when you get divorced or even break up you just suddenly remember all the arguments, but when you get in a situation like this you remember what made you like them in the first place."

"I would say love," Brian corrected him.

When Preston left the room, the new friends immediately struck up a whispered conversation about what could have been revealed in the Diary Room.

"They're probably asking him questions in relation to what I've been talking to you and Ulrika about," Chantelle said, cringing at the idea that Preston no longer considered her attractive.

"It's nice that he said he now remembers why," Brian noted. "Would your worst fear be he just didn't want to know you?"

"I don’t think that would ever happen," Chantelle replied. "I feel like that because nothing bad ever happened [in the marriage]."

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