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Thursday, 2 September 2010

UBB: Retrospective Task

Day 86: Ulrika put on a fine performance as she sang 'Endless Love' - the same could not be said for out of tune Nick Bateman. The pair were reliving the song from CBB6 as part of this weeks Retrospective Shopping Task, as housemates relive significant moments from the past eleven years of Big Brother . So far.............

Despite her deliberate attempt to make herself unpopular, the housemates successfully ignored her attempt and therefore successfully completed this part of her task. Makosi's unlucky spell continues tomorrow.

Preston successfully ate 48 liquor chocolates without being sick and so passes his part of the task.

Ulrika and Nick:
The duo performed their version of "Endless Love" and await to see how many hits it gets on the website . The video needs to beat ther 81,483 website hits Ulrika and Verne Troyer received when they performed the Task on CBB6.

The video can be viewed: HERE

*BB official website:

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