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Thursday, 2 September 2010

UBB: Nikki Storms Into Diary Room

Day 86: Nikki Grahame stormed into the Diary Room for a rant after a restless night. Victor seemed to get the most blame for the snoring, which woke up the drama queen.

The Big Brother 7 housemate started off by asking Nadia to give Victor a nudge to try and make him pipe down. When the snoring started again she shouted "Victor, I'm warning you", before mumbling something about farmyard animals under her breath.

The pint-sized princess finally reached breaking point after a particularly loud blast of noise from 'Slick Vic' and stormed into the Diary Room in her PJ's. She was clearly not amused at all by the situation and pulled several of her trademark grumpy faces in quick succession.

However, after telling other housemates about the snoring incident - she managed to wind up Victor, Nadia, Michelle and Nick with her accusations. Watch this space for more developments..........
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