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Friday, 22 January 2010

CBB7: Who Nominated Who?

Who did the housemates vote for when they nominated? Below are the results from Day 14 and Day 17 as we discover the nominations history..........

Day 17

Alex nominated Sisqo and Dane
Dane nominated Ivana and Stephen
Ivana nominated Jonas and Stephen
Jonas nominated Ivana and Sisqo
Nicola nominated Stephen and Ivana
Sisqo nominated Ivana and Alex
Stephanie nominated Stephen and Ivana
Stephen nominated Nicola and Dane
Vinnie nominated Sisqo and Alex

Ivana, Sisqo and Stephen face a double eviction.

Day 14

Nicola nominated Stephen and Sov
Sov nominated Ivana and Stephanie
Stephanie nominated Sov and Jonas
Sisqo nominated Nicola and Ivana
Ivana nominated Nicola and Jonas
Alex nominated Sov and Sisqo
Dane nominated Sov and Ivana
Jonas nominated Sov and Sisqo
Vinnie nominated Nicola and Alex
Stephen nominated Nicola and Dane

Nicola and Sov received the most votes and faced the public vote.

Sov was evicted with 69.5% of the public vote.

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