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Sunday, 17 January 2010

CBB7 POLL: Most Annoying Housemate Results

Day 15: The results are in from the poll to find out who are the 'Most Annoying Housemates' in Celebrity Big Brother. You votes in your masses and while Stephen Baldwin was the clear winner, his lead went down from over 60% of the vote down to 38% as the public found other housemates more annoying.

Newly evicted housemates Heidi and Katia proved unpopular with viewers, who found their actions and words annoying as the week end on. While Vinnie is the clear favourite to win CBB7, he proved even more annoying than Nicola T and Jonas. It was Dane and Sisqo who were polled the least annoying housemates so far, the pair have managed to keep below the radar and thus avoided getting under viewers skin.

Here are the results:

Stephen 44 (38%)
Heidi 29 (25%)
Katia 24 (21%)
Alex 16 (14%)
Lady Sov 14 (12%)
Stephanie 12 (10%)
Vinnie 9 (7%)
Nicola T 8 (7%)
Jonas 6 (5%)
Dane 4 (3%)
Sisqo 4 (3%)

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