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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

BB9: Day 70 - Mo Feather Throwing Champion

Mohamed and Lisa were involved with today's Feather Throwing event. Unknown to the competitors, Mikey tipped Lisa as a winner and if his predictions come true then the housemates will win the Luxury Shopping Budget.

Lisa managed to clear a couple of metres on her first attempt. "All that muscle!" Lisa screamed as she basked in the glory of defying the wind.

Mohamed appeared confused with the art of throwing a feather and the shot-put as he performed a practice throw before his first try. "Oh no!" he screamed as his blue feather seemed to be making a freedom bid for the pool. "As soon as I throw it, the wind blows it away." That old chestnut - the wind.

Lisa did well on her second and third attempt but it wasn't enough to beat Mohamed who managed to beat Lisa with his second throw and win the event.

Mohamed won the event and said he would sell his medal on ebay. Will the housemates win the Shopping Task now Michael's prediction did not come true?

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