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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

BB9: Day 70 - Stu Tells Sara His Fears

Stuart shared his fears with Sara after chatting about his daughter late into the night.

Sara had complimented Stuart about his eyelashes but he admitted that he isn't good at taking compliments."If you say something nice, it's embarrassing," he explained. "If you say something bad, it proper gets to me."

He went on to talk about his ex girlfriend but stopped suddenly, declaring that he sounded like a "loser"."I'm going on about my ex all the time," he pointed out. "How sad is that?"

Sara said it annoyed her that he worried about it, before telling him that he will have lots of girls after him.

However, Stuart said he just wanted one girl and added that he wanted to lose weight so he wouldn't be so muscular. "Everybody in here thought I loved myself and took my top off loads," he sighed. "I'd rather not train than be anything like that."

Stuart also confessed that he didn't have many friends and that all he wanted from the show was for people to think he was an "alright guy"."You worry too much," Sara warned him. "You worry more than a normal person."

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