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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

BB9: Day 70 - Sara Wins Short Jump

The Big Brother Games 2008 continued with another event - In order to succeed, Sara and Darnell had to run a short distance on the track, take off on the white line and hit the sand in the shortest distance possible.

While in the Diary Room, Mikey predicted that Sara would succeed in jumping the shortest.
Rex raked the sand in between each of the pair's three jumps, demanding complete silence and concentration as he prepared it.

"Do a sexy jump, Sara!" yelped Kat as they sat on the bench, maybe she remembered that kiss in the pool when the Aussie joined the house.

Darnell is not a short jumper. He failed to touch the white line the first time; he managed the second time but cleared the sandpit on his last try. Sara on the other hand, was a pro. She limbered up, practiced between jumping, and cleared all three jumps.

Later Big Brother confirmed that Sara was the winner and Mickey awarded her with a chocolate medal.

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