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Monday, 11 August 2008

BB9: Day 68 - Mickey Upsets Housemates With Water

Michael has been upsetting just about everyone today as he put his power into force as Head of House.

He wasn't going to stand for any housemates going to sleep during the day and threatened to throw water over them if they did. It wasn't long before Big Brother told him that someone was asleep.

Mohamed was the culprit and a bit of an argument took place before Michael squirted water over the lazy housemate. Mo was not pleased and Rex joined in with the criticism of Mickey's leadership as Head of House, saying that power had gone to his head.

Michael is not afraid of a bit of flack and was soon giving as good as he got, "I'm sick of Rex. He is a nasty, vindictive, arrogant, wind-up merchant," the Head of House told Lisa, Stuart and Darnell. "The water is not letting up this week."

Although if you are going to throw water, you should check what is in the glass first - Kat was not amused when Michael had thrown water in her bath that had got some chocolate brownie in it which led to Kathreya leaving the bath as it was a mess. Oops!

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