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Thursday, 14 August 2008

BB9: Day 70 - Kat and Mo In Plot For Final

Kat continued her plan to win Big Brother as she took Mohamed aside in the Hell Bedroom to question him about comments he had made.

Yesterday Darnell had warned her that friendships were breaking and since then Kathreya has been trying to find out who might nominate her in the future by asking certain housemates a series of questions.

Mohamed revealed that he would trip up Lisa, Sara and Stuart to make it to the final - giving her a clear indication of who he will be nominating. Kat asked if that included "tripping" Rachel or herself to get to the final, Mohamed told her that he wouldn't. Mo said that he wanted to be in the Big Brother house longer than Dale and Stuart and he wants Rachel to stay on Friday so that his aim is completed.

Kathreya then asked Mohamed what he thought of Rex and Nicole, to which he replied that Nicole is "digging her own grave." Which gave Kat some comfort as Rex and Nicole could have been a threat to her becoming the Big Brother 9 winner. Kat has been drumming up support for Rachel by visiting the Diary Room as the housemate is vital to her plot to win the game show.

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