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Sunday, 10 August 2008

BB9: Day 67 - Barber Task

Big Brother set up a Barber Shop in the Task room,complete with barbers chair, mirrors, scissors, clippers and most importantly, a jar.

Head of House Mikey chose Lisa to be the Big Brother Barber. As barber she must then fill the jar with the housemates' hair to win the amazingly brilliant prize Big Brother has on offer.

The housemates are free to donate as much or as little hair is they see fit. If the jar is not brimming with follicles, the housemates will receive nothing. Sounds easy - but on the first attempt housemates broke the rules and after Darnell and Kathreya had been to the Barber Shop, they had to start all over again and remove the hair from the jar.

Just like a real Barber Shop, it became a good place to have a good old gossip and Michael engaged Lisa with some juicy tips.

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