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Sunday, 10 August 2008

BB9: Day 67 - Rachel In Tears (again!)

Rachel's rule as Head of House ended with tears in the Diary Room after housemates criticised her over her choice of winner in the Cake Task.

Rex was particularly unhappy with Rachel's choice and said, "What a shit day, that was outrageous. I feel like I’ve been f**king robbed. Absolutely out-f**king-rageous."It wasn’t even a valiant effort from Hell," he continued. "They scooped it onto a plate and threw the rest of the decorations on top. That s**t makes me not wanna be here." Strong words from the chef had Rachel seeking comfort in the Diary Room where she told Big Brother:

"I'm a bit upset about what took place today. Rex is really annoyed with me. He's fuming. Gosh, I upset everyone" she said tearfully.

"It does get you down but I'm still glad about the decision I made. I wasn't going to be intimidated when everyone started shouting at me. It does hurt. The way they kept going on and on about it. It makes you question your friendships in here. That's the hurtful thing. You think you're good friends with people and then they rip you apart."

"People in here are starting to think about the final so much so now so all of a sudden they start saying things," she continued sighing, "I was in the toilet and I overheard Lisa saying she was questioning my trust.

But what on earth has judging a cake got to do with that? It's a bit of a wake up call but I don't want to be the one crying, I want to hold my head high. I need to leave them to calm down when they are ready it will be forgotten about. That's the best way in this place - let the cloud blow over and leave it at that."

It's hard being nice all the time..............

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