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Monday, 11 August 2008

BB9: Day 68 - Kat Cries In Bath

Kat cries once again!

It's been another roller coaster day for Kathreya inside the Big Brother house, and the pressure got a bit too much for her as she had a good cry in the bath. Of course she wasn't alone - Darnell was on hand to witness the whole event as Kat began to go, "I try so hard. I don't think people like me. I gave Michael my bacon today and everything. I feel people never feel like... anything. You do things for them and then nothing."
Earlier Kat had confided in Rachel, telling her Michael had really upset her, mainly because in Hell she'd cleaned up for him all week, and today he'd chucked brownie-filled water all over her.

"I find it frustrating last week," she said.

"You clash. You are so clean and he is so messy," replied Rachel.

"I tidy, I clean and he doesn't care. I don't think he like me. He make my life hard. He doesn't like me, I really feel that."

"He didn't say that to me," said Rachel.
I think we can all guess who Kat nominated this week .............

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