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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

BB9: Day 69 TASK - Big Brother Games

This weeks Shopping Task was revealed today in the form of a Big Brother Games.
"Big Brother is proud to announce the Big Brother Games 2008," read Nicole. "All housemates must compete as part of this week's shopping task. Head Of House Michael will organise the games and become Head Coach. Today, housemates must create and perform an opening ceremony. Big Brother will provide the Head Of House with a loud hailer."

"Oh no," groaned Rex, "Mikey with a megaphone."

And then Nicole continued reading instructions about the press ups, star jumps, sit ups, circuit training and swimming they would all have to do as part of their training. Including choreographing and performing an opening ceremony today.
Just as the Olympics in China enjoyed heavy down pours yesterday, the Big Brother Games opening ceremony turned into a wet affair. Housemates were dressed in red tracksuits carrying flags, bearing their housemate picture on it, paraded around the garden while music played.

The Big Brother Games 2008 are officially open!

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