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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

BB9: Day 70 - Rex Wins Island Groin Game

The weirdest game so far in the Big Brother Games 2008 has got to be the "Floating-On-Water-With-A-Small-Tropical-Island-Attached-To-Your-Groin" event. It was a simple event where you need to float in water for as long as possible without submerging a small island secured to your nether regions!

"Oh my God!" giggled Rex as he glanced down on the instructions. "Wanna see my palm tree?" he joked to partner Nicole, as he and Kat stripped to their their bathing suits.

Big Brother sounded the starting gun as they floated in their lanes and they were on their way. "It's impossible!" yelped Rex, trying to keep his palm tree erect and his coconuts dry.

Kat lasted eight seconds before submerging her island, Rex a much more respectable 28 seconds.

"I wanna play with my island more!" he screamed as they watched the slow motion replay of the event. He was the proud owner of a nice big gold chocolate medal soon after, with Michael on hand to congratulate his arch enemy.

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