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Friday, 15 August 2008

BB9: Day 71 - Stu Wants Kat To Face Eviction Vote

Stuart told Darnell that Kathreya should face the public vote. Joking to Darnell, Stuart said: "We'll just say she wants to go and put the favourite (Kat) up for eviction."

Stuart added that being nominated changes people and that Kat could "snap" if put forward for the public vote, given her negative reaction to Rachel's nomination.

Darnell said Kathreya had been "borderline" on being sent to jail for trying to find out who was behind Rachel's nomination.

Darnell said he thought it was unlikely that Kat would go up for eviction, as the whole house wouldn't "think the same way". However, Stuart calculated that, going into the final weeks, only four people would need to nominate Kat to put her up for eviction but if Stuart goes this week then we are hardly likely to see Kat nominated.

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