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Sunday, 10 August 2008

BB9: Day 67 - Darnell Paranoid (again!)

Where do we start? Darnell has been going off on one of his paranoia trips. As nomination day looms he is more paranoid than ever as he fears the public will of had enough of his comments.

He told Kat that when he leaves the Big Brother house he would be going back to nobody, whereas Kat had her Prince Charming. Darnell said: "I feel like I only win when I’m the only option. If there is another option, I will never be the first option."

Kat said it was all "Darnell, Darnell, Darnell” with him, adding that he never thinks of others. "I'm probably going to be affected the most by this, that is what you have to understand." Darnell told Kat.

He claimed that the "Sara situation" had made it obvious that he would never be loved, he said every girl in the house fancied either Dale of Stu but he always lost out.

Darnell had also spoken to Mohamed, telling him he was worried because he had called Rachel a 'piece of trash'. He told Mo, "I can’t be liked, I’ve lost my mind!" But Mohamed reassured him, "You are f**king liked!". He implied that other housemates are more disliked that him by saying: "There’s always…", but left the name blank.

Yesterday Darnell had been talking about how his group had been the stronger group as Dale became the latest housemate to be evicted. But as the "other" group dwindles, he knows that his group could nominate him before the final, so is covering all his tracks and trying to keep in with the "happy house" crew.

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