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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

BB9: Day 70 - Rachel Wins Egg and Spoon Race

The Big Brother Games 2008 continued this afternoon as Rex and Rachel battled it out during the Egg and Spoon Race.

The two housemates had to complete the event on the tiny circular track in the Big Brother Garden.

"I'm getting dizzy, my head is spinning," sang Rachel, "like a whirlwind, da da da da da da."

Mohamed was singing the Rocky Theme when Rex embarked on his part of the endurance task.
"Oh my god," shouted Rex with a laugh, "I'm so dizzy already, what's going on?"

Sometime later, the siren sounded ending Rex's attempt and Big Brother came over the tannoy with an announcement after showing video footage on the TV screen, "The winner of the Egg and Spoon Event is Rachel."

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