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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

UBB: Victor Gets Tree of Temptation Task

Day 91: The Tree of Temptation returned to give Victor a secret Task. While the Tree began to speak with Victor as he was alone in the bathroom, both Ulrika and Brian seemed to notice something was happening despite being sat on the sofas.

"Well well well, if it ain't the self-styled milk man himself, so called because he always delivers," the Tree began. "You've successfully plotted, bitched and schemed about every single housemate and I can let you in on a secret, you didn't get any nominations!"

Victor seemed very happy to learn that not one of his housemates had nominated him this week, and was then told to open the Tree's drawer, reports DigitalSpy.

"In my drawers is a dictaphone, a 'Victaphone' if you will," the Tree told him as Victor began to giggle. "I want you to record them bitching about each other, you've got one hour to do it."

The Tree confirmed that there would not be a prize for winning the task as he wanted Victor to complete it "just for the crack of it".

However, before Victor left the bathroom to begin his mission, the Tree warned him about Ulrika and Brian's suspicions.

"They're on to it, so give them a wide berth," Victor was advised deciding to head over and speak with Preston first instead.

As Victor finished speaking with the Tree, both Ulrika and Brian agreed that while they were certain Victor was on a task they would not ruin it for him in case they could win something for the whole house.
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