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Sunday, 5 September 2010

UBB: Retrospective Task Results

Day 89: The results are in for the Retrospective Shopping Task, and as you can see from Brian's face above, the housemates successfully passed the Task and won themselves a luxury shopping budget for their final week in the house.

Here is a breakdown of all the Retrospective Task results...

Housemates successfully ignored Makosi’s attempts to become the most annoying housemate and therefore passed their secret mission.

Preston ate all of the liqueur chocolates without being sick and therefore passed his task.

Ulrika and Nick performed Endless Love and their duet received 49,795 hits. It failed to achieve more hits than Ulrika and Vern’s previous performance of 81,483 hits. Therefore they have failed their part of the task.

Victor, Nadia and Chantelle sang 'I Want It All'. Victor failed to sing all the lyrics correctly and therefore they failed their part of the task.

Brian successfully got to the stage within 30 seconds for all of his dance triggers and danced for the duration of the songs. Therefore Brian passed his task.

Nikki successfully completed all of Mr Pete Bennett’s demands and therefore passed her task.

Michelle successfully sang Pie Jesu live to the Big Brother audience and therefore passed her task.

Housemates failed 2 tasks but were allowed up to 4 fails therefore it's party time once more.

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