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Friday, 10 September 2010

UBB: Goodbye Big Brother

Day 94: You either love it or hate it, yet we would have all watched some of Big Brother over the past decade. Tonight marks the end of an era as Big Brother comes to an end on Channel 4 - summers will never be the same again!

Over the years there have be highs and lows, which we've either talked about in the workplace or text our friends about. There have been fights and arguments, nudity and romance along with some quirky characters and some down right annoying housemates. We've roared with laughter at the Tasks and shouted in anger at some of the results, but through it all - we've enjoyed Big Brother.

We've seen people change, we've seen people open up and crack up, and millions of us have tuned in night after night to watch these strange characters that we call 'housemates'. By the end of each series we've grown to love them as we got to know the 'real' person underneath. We've cheered and cried along the journey, and now it must come to an end.

Thank you Big Brother for providing us with so much entertainment, laughter, insight and joy since your birth in 2000. You will live in our memories forever............

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