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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

BB11: Rachel In Tears

Day 36: Rachel has only been in the Big Brother house since Friday night and already the Scouse housemate has been in tears.Rachel had been going head-to-head with brainiac Andrew in a heated debate.

The subject was religion and Andrew was giving the opinion of the Scientist. Dave was being supported by Rachel who told Andrew she felt that his religion was Science. Intelligent Andrew threw back some of his points and the seemingly tame debate began to boil over.

Dave had to intervene telling Rachel that no one means harm in the conversation but it was too late, Rachel had been offended by Andrew claiming he had called her 'an idiot on national TV'.

Andrew defended himself claiming he never meant his argument to come across like that and the two House newbies hugged and made up.

But the damage had already been done...

Ten minutes later, Rachel poured her first tears out to Dave and as the friendly monk comforted her, she laughed 'I don't know why I'm crying, the argument hasn't offended me because it is an interesting debate, I just saw the fact I had upset Andrew and that is what's upsetting me'.

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