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Thursday, 15 July 2010

BB11: Josie Has Hots For John James - It's Official!

Day 37: The friendship between Josie and John James took another twist today as Josie finally admitted she fancies the Australian housemate. The pair have had a love-hate relationship throughout this series of Big Brother, denying they fancied each other and often falling out.

Josie told Caoimhe that she feels awkward in his company and told the girls that she does fancy John James. After avoiding him following his release from the task lair, Josie headed to the Diary Room but he became suspicious she had been set a task by the Tree of Temptation. As John James came to talk to her and ask her what was wrong, she laughed nervously while insisting she was fine.

Confused, John James said: "I like your costume anyway." When Josie continued to laugh, he said: "What, do you not like it? Is that what it is?" He then asked: "Have you been talking to the Tree?"

Josie denied that the Tree of Temptation had given her a task, but John James responded: "That's it isn't it? He's told you to fuck me up or something!" He chuckled as she entered the Diary Room, and asked Caoimhe if Josie had received a secret task. Caoimhe told him that she hadn't, but he laughed: "Yous two are the worst liars in history!"

Walking to the bedroom, John James asked Mario and Ife if they were "in on it" too. Mario said he was "clueless", while Ife hinted: "It's nothing really." John James then asked if Josie's behaviour was something to do with him. Ife replied: "Yeah, but it's nothing that Big Brother has set up."

As more housemates noticed that Josie was acting strangely by going to the Diary Room when there was "no drama" in the house, John James became convinced that she was performing a task and the other girls knew about it.

Returning to the bedroom, he asked: "Does everyone know about this apart from me?" Ife, Caoimhe and Mario said no. "But all the girls know?" he continued. Mario responded: "Sometimes the best questions are the unasked ones."

While the girls continued to be evasive to John James's questioning and struggled not to giggle about the situation, John James became increasingly unnerved. He told Mario: "I hate people laughing and I don't know what it is. I feel like I've got a booger up my nose permanently."

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