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Friday, 29 January 2010

CBB7: Will Alex Or Dane Win Celebrity Big Brother?

Day 27: Who would have predicted that Alex Reid and Dane Bowers could end up being the final two housemates remaining in the Celebrity Big Brother? Just four weeks ago the press were reporting how the pair had been involved in a fight at a party. Now it seems Katie Price is the real winner if either of her men are voted the eventual winners in tonight's final.

At first Dane appeared boring and lifeless during his first few days in the Big Brother house, but then stood up to Vinny Jones over the Lady Sov Corned Beef row - from that moment his confidence grew and he won the public over when the Tree of Temptation set him a secret Task.

Alex was not popular at the start because of the press stories and his relationship to Katie Price, his often honest comments sometimes made him look a fool - yet WE love a fool, especially an honest sincere one. Alex proved that he was 'just a nice honest chap', willing to have a laugh and more importantly, laugh at himself. Vinnie may have put him down at the start and Stephen may have been zealous in trying to convert him, yet Alex Reid proved he was still a gentleman and the public could now crown him the winner tonight.

Whoever wins, Alex and Dane have buried any ill feelings they had about each other 27 days ago and can leave the Celebrity Big Brother house with their heads held high.

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