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Friday, 29 January 2010

CBB7: Could Jonas Win Celebrity Big Brother?

Day 27: The final of Celebrity Big Brother is set to be the closest EVER as each finalist has an army of fans voting for them. But could Basshunter Jonas Altberg become the surprise winner later tonight? The 25 year-old has proved a MASSIVE hit with the ladies, with constant press coverage about his sex life outside the house and his flirting with Katia inside the house.

Jonas was never shy about getting naked or dressing up in whatever Big Brother asked of him, even Stephen got him too parade around like a catwalk model in his tight pants. So while the bookies predict Jonas could finish fourth, his female fans may be able to change all of that. Judging by the loud cheers he gets when his name is mentioned on Eviction Night, Jonas could once again go all the way!

Tune in from 20:30 to find out how Jonas does in the CBB7 final.

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