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Sunday, 24 January 2010

CBB7: Big Brother's Big Beard Speaks Out

As we enter the final few days of Celebrity Big Brother 7, my Big Beard can't help but declare it's love for the reality programme. This time last year we all seemed to have had enough of the Big Brother format - I have to admit, my Big Beard had lost interest last year.

Yet CBB7 has proved that Celebrity Big Brother still has plenty of steam as around 3 million have tuned in each night. CBB goes on just long enough to keep us glued to our TV's (take note BB11 - 90+ days in the house is much too long!).

The celebrity housemates this series have been fascinating to watch, even the non-celeb types have proved fun. But the real attraction this series has been Big Brother itself, added to this we have had the Tree of Temptation spicing things up. Davina McCall proved the format works and even the official website has been better than ever, with constant Twitter updates and selective snippets ensuring we all tune back in each night.

Is this really the end of Celebrity Big Brother? Let's hope CBB returns to our screens in the very near future. Mark my bearded words, the public WANT Celebrity Big Brother to continue!

*BB official website:

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