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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

CBB7: Davina McCall Enters The Big Brother House

Day 25: The latest twist in Celebrity Big Brother saw Davina McCall enter the Big Brother house for a few hours. As Nicola T was suddenly evicted as part of a Double Eviction from the Diary Room.

Davina McCall entered the house wearing a large chicken costume via the Diary Room and will spend time with the housemates but will not be able to reveal their identity. Very quickly the other housemates were suspicious and believed it was a former housemate returning.

Davina was soon in the Diary Room telling how terrifying the whole experience had become as the housemates were trying to make her talk. The housemates did not suspect that it was Davina that had entered the house. She told viewers that although entering the Big Brother house had been her dream, she didn't want to re-enter the house because she was terrified!

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