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Monday, 25 January 2010

CBB7: Ivana Award Task

Day 23: Ivana was called into the Diary Room to receive some very exciting news. Big Brother informed her that she has been nominated for the 'Best International Businesswoman on a Reality TV show ' award, by the readers of Scandinavian magazine Kugel Fresh! What Ivana won't know however, is that the award is actually fake, reports the official Big Brother website.

Ivana was told that Big Brother has arranged for her to appear on the awards show later on this afternoon, for which she must give an acceptance speech in English, German and Czech. She will have the afternoon to practice what she would like to say, if she wins.

While Ivana was in the Diary Room, Big Brother informed the rest of the Housemates about the fake award, setting them the task of convincing Ivana that the award is completely genuine. If Ivana at any point thinks that the awards are fake, Housemates will fail the task.

Later, Ivana was asked to make her way to the small Task Room in her finest outfit, where the hosts of the "Scandinavian award ceremony" linked through to announce the results of the awards. Ivana found out she has won and gave her acceptance speech.

Housemates watched Ivana giving her speech in the Living Room on the main plasma, and then they were set another task by Big Brother - to spoil Ivana's award once she returned to the House.

Housemates must firstly tell Ivana that her award looks stupid, and then attempt to drink from the award, and finally, Housemates must break the award.

*BB official website:

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