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Sunday, 24 January 2010

CBB7: Celebrity Hell Charades

Day 22: Big Brother set the housemates a challenge, a challenge to play a game of 'Celebrity Hell Charades'. Instead of miming movies, songs or books, the Housemates had to mime infamous and embarrassing celebrity faux pas. They had one hour to mime 14 charades and for every correct mime they would receive an extra 5 minutes in bed today.

Much to their delight, housemates successfully passed their challenge, and in record time. The super speedy celebs managed to mime all 14 charades within 13 minutes, leaving them with 47 minutes to spare. They will therefore have an extra one hour and 10 minutes in bed in the morning.

However, all this excitement must have taken it out of our poor celebrities as they were all in bed and fast asleep by 22:45, reports the official CBB7 website. So Big Brother got evil this morning as it woke up the housemates nice and early too the tune of Rick Astley!

*BB official website:

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