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Friday, 29 January 2010

CBB7: Alex Wanted Peter Andre In Big Brother House

Day 27: Housemates were called to the Diary Room and asked various questions from Big Brother fans. Alex was asked if he could have chosen his most ideal celebrity housemate, who would it have been. Smiling as he pondered the question, Alex replied that his choice would have been Peter Andre, so that he could have cleared the air between them.

Dane Bowers was asked if he had kept the mystery key well hidden, he then produced the key from inside his pocket and confessed he had kept the key in his pocket the whole time. When he told Big Brother he had sometime wrapped the key in a sock, Big Brother asked him if he had done it to make his balls look bigger. He laughed and said he would have looked a bit lob sided if that was the case because it was "proper to the side". Big Brother replied, "it would look very big though!"

Jonas confessed that he had missed playing computer games and speaking Swedish most during his time in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Stephanie said she felt relieved to be the only woman left standing. She was 'knocked over backwards' that Sisqo and Dane had considered her fit. She told Big Brother she was far too conscious of being too fat at the moment, but flattered at being considered fit.

Finally Vinnie told Big Brother that he would like to win Celebrity Big Brother as he shared his thoughts. He said he had been honest with people inside the house and said he hadn't spoken behind people's backs during his time in the house.

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