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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

CBB7: Vinnie Set Task By Tree Of Temptation

Day 25: At first Vinnie Jones refused to do a Task set by the Tree of Temptation. The Tree asked him to tell the housemates over lunch how much he had bonded with them all, and how he has made better friends with the people in the house than he has outside.

The Tree also wanted Vinnie to humiliate himself by taking Alex aside and telling him that he has also secretly cross dressed in the past, and that he had loved it.

Most of all, The Tree wanted tears from Vinnie - something the tough man was not prepared to do. The Tree warned that the housemates would feel the wrath of the Tree if he didn't comply with the request. Vinnie finally agreed to complete the Task, his reward will be watching a game of football.

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