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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

BB11 VIDEO: Dave Breaks Down In Tears

Day 64: Not once but twice we find Dave breaking down in tears, as seen in the Big Brother video above - Dave was having an emotional cry as he revealed to Corin that he was missing his family. Then the tears really started to flow later when he received a letter from his children after Sam Pepper won the Tree of Temptation Task.

"Big Dave says, 'Love you dude, really proud of you, hope I never have to see your butt cheeks again'," Sam read out, bringing a smile to David's face.

Sam began to read the messages from David's children: "Thank you for every ounce of input you have put into our lives."

David began to cry as he continued to listen.

"You always make a conscious effort to see things through the right way," Sam continued.

"We love you and support you all the way, no matter what you do," he concluded.

David then gave Sam a hug and thanked him for what he had done as the group gathered round him. "Cheers guys, bless you. Whatever you had to do Sammy to get me this, thank you," David said.

Sam said that he couldn't say what he had done, but revealed who had challenged him to the task. "One of our wooden friends put me up to it," Sam joked, referring to the Tree of Temptation.

"I'm so pleased about that," added Mario.

"It's lush dude," David concluded, as he took the letter to the bedroom to read it again.

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