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Friday, 13 August 2010

BB11: Josie And Sam Listen In On Boys Conversation

Day 66: It's all been tears and arguments today after Josie and Sam listened in on a conversation between John James, JJ and Dave. The lads were in the shower having a dig at Sam, who unknown to them was hid behind the sofa with Josie while the trio spoke candidly about their feelings about him. The conversation also touched on Josie's about-turn on her feelings towards Sam so both had a vested interest in the boys' chat.

The duo heard nearly the whole conversation and whispered to each other their own feelings about what was being said. At first they giggled and found the whole thing quite funny but towards the end it became apparent that Sam was not at all happy.

In an expletive filled rant against John James he called him 'fake' and said 'I thought he was supposed to be my friend'.

He then told Josie he was going to confront him... Next came a huge argument with John!!

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