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Friday, 13 August 2010

BB11: John James And Sam In Blazing Row

DaY 66: It has turned into the most explosive argument of Big Brother 11 as Sam Pepper confronted John James after hearing the Aussie housemate bitch about him in the shower. The air turned blue as the two ended up having a blistering row.

Earlier on in the night, Sam had overheard a conversation taking place between Dave, JJ and John James in the shower, where the three discussed the change in Sam's character since being put up for eviction, reports Digital Spy.

Upset and angry by what he had heard, Sam soon confronted John James as he came out of the shower. "John James, do you want to stop bitching behind my back?" he asked, as a furious exchange soon developed.

"I thought you were my friend and you've just bitched about me for 20 minutes," added Sam. John James responded: "You get involved in a situation that has nothing to do with you. If you had fucking waited until after I got out of the shower I was about to speak to you one-on-one."

As the pair continued to raise their voices, Sam retreated to his bed where he appeared tearful. Meanwhile, John James was called to the Diary Room in order to cool down the situation.

Josie comforted the graffiti artist and admitted: "I didn't know you would get upset like this. I feel a bit responsible [for telling Sam about the ongoing shower conversation]."

As John James re-entered the main house, he appeared angry over Sam's recent actions and discussed the situation with Dave, JJ and Josie on the sofas.

"I believe he's fake as fuck," he said. "Don't change because you're up for eviction, I hate people like that. You don't call your friend a fat slag."

After John James came to the conclusion that Sam had become involved with his and Josie's relationship for more "air time", Dave and JJ seemed to agree.

"He's playing the game, definitely," said Dave. JJ added: "He has to be the centre of attention."

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