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Thursday, 12 August 2010

BB11: Sam Plays Pranks On Housemates

Day 65: Sam Pepper was full of mischief as he played tricks on unsuspecting housemates, first he got caught red-handed by Dave and John James in the midst of trying to create mayhem but he warned them that it was only the beginning.

As a pre-cursor to what was to come later, he hid Corin's tobacco which left the buxom babe fuming.

Then as his energy reached fever-pitch, he snuck into the Bathroom with some green chillis and packed them into the toothpaste before slipping garlic and vinegar into the suncream.

He remained in a playful mood and later ran through the Bedroom wearing a horse mask and holding a light which was greeted with an attack of the tickles by Dave and John James.

The cheeky little monkey was not finished there though, he hid in the clothes horse and peered out for any unsuspecting housemates who might be wandering by. Alas, he was disappointed and emerged from his garment hideout. Watch the highlights programme on Channel 4 as the Adventures of Sam unfold.......

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