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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

BB11: Sam Gets Tree of Temptation Task

Day 63: Sam has the chance to turn Dave's tears of sadness into tears of joy if he passes the latest Tree of Temptation Task.

The Tree whispered to Sam: "Oi, Where's Wally... I've been watching you, Pepper pot, running around like an oversized 7-year-old. I'm liking your work, you're a lot like me".

He added: "A little birdy tells me that you would do anything to get Dave his children's message. In my drawers is a cheeseboard, full of cheese. Grab some, and smear some under your armpits. You're gonna be the 'Brie of Temptation'."

Sam was told that if he could pass off the cheese as his own odour underneath his horse outfit with Corin today, he will successfully win David his children's message, something the minister failed to do last week.

The housemate promptly took the cheese, rubbed some under his armpits and went back to the sofas, with none of the housemates noticing him talking to the Tree.

Earlier, David cried about the missed message and he was emotional again this afternoon, saying: "It's just a build-up, innit? I'll be fine."

Watch the show on Wednesday to find out if Sam Pepper passes or fails to win the message for Dave.

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