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Monday, 21 July 2008

BB9: Day 46: Rebecca Topless in Truth or Dare Game

Rebecca Shiner went topless again as the Heavenly housemates drank alcohol and played a game of 'Truth or Dare'. Bex had been dared to go topless in the garden and do star jumps, She promptly took off her top and set off around the house, much to the other housemates' amusement. Cheered on by Dale and Stuart, she did the star jumps before returning to the BB9 house.

Rex had refused a Dare that involved sucking one of Bex toes but Luke was in for a surprise as Bex jumped on his bed and pressed her boobs against him.

Click the pictures below to see the bigger picture.
Bex doing topless star jumps in garden
Rebecca topless for Truth or Dare
Bex topless again, doing star jumps
Rebecca plays Truth or Dare

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