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Sunday, 25 July 2010

BB11: Mario In A Mood At Party

Day 47: Last night Big Brother gave the housemates a party but Mario was not in the party mood as he sulked away from the housemates, opting for a shower instead. Soon after Mario could be heard crying in the toilet out of camera view as he became the latest housemate to feel the Big Brother blues.

The departure of friends like Ife and Sunshine and the arrival of six new housemates in recent weeks took it's toll on the former Mole. He even declined alcohol during the party as he told housemates he was not in the right emotional state.

Some housemates suspected the reason for his mood was because the friendship between himself and Ben had become strained of late, although Mario denied this later when questioned by Ben. Speaking in the bathroom, Mario told Rachel, "I just feel like everything's just become so predictable in here, everything's become a pattern. I'm having the exact same conversations over and over... It's got nothing to do with other people."

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