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Thursday, 29 July 2010

BB11: Davina McCall To Enter Big Brother House

Day 51: Housemates will see Davina McCall from inside the house during Friday night's eviction. As part of this week's hilarious 'Ignore The Obvious' Shopping Task, Davina will enter the Big Brother house as she presents the show at 9pm.

Also joining her in the garden will be Jedward, who will be performing their new single. The housemates must ignore all that is going on if they are to win money for their Shopping budget. They have so far seen a stripper postman, Mario's granddad as Santa, a brass band, Dave and Steve's wives enjoying tea in the garden, Marcus Bentley (the voice of Big Brother) narrating, tourists taking pictures, gorillas running around, zombies and an estate agent showing people around the Big Brother house!

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