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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

BB11: Postman Strips During Ignore The Obvious Task

Day 50: A stripping postman entered the Big Brother house as part of this weeks Shopping Task called Ignore The Obvious. Not only a semi naked postman to contend with but a brass band, Mario's granddad dressed as Santa, Ben's friend as a toilet attendant - meaning the housemates will have their work cut out for themselves.

Big Brother deems reacting as:

Pointing, laughing, gasping, gawking, smirking, screaming. jumping, running away, eyebrow raising, closing of eyes, flinching, crying, covering of face, burying heads in hands or interacting with the event in any way.

They are also not permitted to discuss the events with their fellow housemates.

*BB official website:


  1. the toilet attendant was bens friend.. not daves

  2. wow this guy is HOT. I wouldn't have ben able to ignore him.

  3. Thanks for pointing that out - I must have got carried away when I wrote that.

    I've corrected the story and replaced Dave with Ben!

  4. Omg !! The Postie Was Totally Stunnin !! I Soo Would xxx

  5. Does anyone know who that postman was. I'd love to see him delivering my letters. =]

  6. Gorgeous George from the dream men, ive got him booked for a strippers night in Leicester and the shower model Stevie tease,

  7. Sounds like the kind of party a lot of readers would loved to attend!


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