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Monday, 26 July 2010

BB11: John James Leaves Big Brother By Fire Exit

Day 48: Dramatic events took place in the Big Brother house as John James finally cracked and had enough of the house, escaping via the fire exit as emotions ran high. The popular housemate could take the situation with Josie no more. The pair had fallen out earlier after comparing the pair to Shabby and Caoimhe, upsetting Josie in the process.

At 15:20 John James opened the fire exit after a conversation with Josie under the bed covers turned bad as she became upset at John James words, not even allowing him to discuss or apologise about the choice of words. He decided to leave via the Mole Hole door in the garden but Big Brother were waiting on the other side and managed to persuade him to discuss the matter further in the Diary Room.

He re-entered the Big Brother house and apologised to Josie for upsetting her earlier. Watch this space for more news...............

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