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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

BB11: John James Finally Kisses Josie

Day 49: A dramatic 24 hours in the house for John James ended with some under the covers confessions and the long awaited kiss between himself and Josie. Hours earlier John James had left the BB11 house as emotions ran high between the pair but now the Australian and Bristolian have sorted out their feelings.

Josie confided in Corin this morning saying, "I promised him I wouldn’t talk about it to anyone but I've got the biggest mouth in Bristol," Josie began. "I am in state of shock 'cause he said he's been acting like that 'cause he feels the same way.

"He wants to speak about it on the outside 'cause he wants to see if its real or not, if I'm real."

Corin asked if there has been any further proof when the two were cuddled up in bed, before letting out a loud scream after Josie revealed that they kissed.

"It was a long kiss on the lips," Josie described. "He said, 'I told you what I was like with girls - shy around girls'.

The two went to the garden for a cigarette but the conversation soon turned to the new house romance.

"I said to John James, 'How long have you been feeling like this?'. Then he said, 'Always, but I've been trying to deny it'," Josie revealed.

Corin joked that John James had taken his time to confess this and that there would now be a lot of "sexual tension" in the house.

However Josie continued: "He said this environment isn't real and he don’t reckon my feelings are real. Maybe they're not 'cause you're in an environment...

"I wonder if things will be the same outside. How can things be the same Cor? I'm a Bristolian and he's an Australian."

"Whatever's going to happen will happen," her friend replied.

*Story from: DigitalSpy
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