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Monday, 25 August 2008

BB9: Day 82 - Kat In Tears As Darnell Attacks

One minute you can be up, then next minute you can be down in the Big Brother house. Kat knows this more than most as she has been feeling the pressure over the last week.

As Mohamed was announced as Head of House, Kat congratulated him but was confronted by a hostile Darnell. He criticised Kat over her loyalties and friends by directing comments and poking fun at her in front of the whole group. Although Kat defended herself, she couldn't help but feel upset by the whole incident.

Soon afterwards she was in the bedroom reading her 'Letter From Home' and eating cookies, but was crying. Then Rachel came to find out what was wrong.

"I'm so tired of Darnell. Last Friday, today, all the doubting..." said Kathreya, revealing the source of today's tears. "I don't even want to talk to you about it, because you are friends with both sides."

"My advice is you need to talk to Darnell," said Rachel. But Kathreya wasn't so sure.

"He just doesn't think. About how much it would upset you..." said Rachel, but Kathreya was back to another round of blubbing.

"Like on Friday, he get upset and in the morning he acted like nothing happened. Is it fair he can say whatever he wants to me?"

"You need to sit down and have a proper chat," advised Rachel. "People are just getting on top of each other in here. No-one means it. Little things niggle people. It's nothing major. But in here it's a big deal. If he was really down with you, would he be your friend? If he doubted you, he wouldn't be your friend."

But it wasn't enough to quell Kathreya's glumness. "I'm very sad about all this."

"If he thought you were being fake he wouldn't be your friend," asserted Rachel.

"I wanna go home...," whinged Kathreya. "I love my friends so much and when they say bad things about me it makes me so sad."

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