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Thursday, 27 August 2009

BB10: Day 84 - Rodrigo And David Argue

Rodrigo in yet another argument is not hard to believe, but this time it was David who bore the brunt of the Brazilians anger, Rodrigo was called to the Diary Room just before he was due to take a turn on the energy-generating bikes. Returning some time later, he asked David, "How many minutes David?"

"You're too late, mate," replied David, who had seemingly already taken Rodrigo's place and was pedalling away.

"Yeah but I was in the Diary Room," explained Rodrigo.

"If they try and keep you talking, just try and get out," David said tetchily. "We've got a group Task."

Rodrigo looked irritated. "No, I can't try to get out," he replied. "When they call us, we have to talk to them. So don't tell me what I should do."

"Just try and make it quick!" said an exasperated David. "Oh, whatever."

Rodrigo stalked off inside, but two minutes later returned and tried to rope Lisa in as adjudicator.

"When they call us in the Diary Room, we have to talk to them," he explained, in a voice loud enough for David to hear. "David came to me and said, 'You should have left before'."

But David wasn't having any of it. "I didn't say that at all!" he objected. "I just said try to be quick!"

What happened next was difficult to follow, because the pair were angrily shouting over each other.

"I will not try to be quick!" yelled Rodrigo. "When they call us in there you have to be respectful, so don't tell me you have a Task to do!"

"Whatever," replied David.

"Don't tell me!" snapped Rodrigo.

"Whatever," repeated David.

"Don't tell me!" repeated Rodrigo.

"Whatever," barked David, and on and on they went.

"Oh shut up David!" shouted Rodrigo, storming off and drawing an end to the argument.

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