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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Celeb BB VIDEOS: Day 12 - Fright Night Task

With nominations revealed, there was to be no let-up in the Celebrity Big Brother house as the Fright Night Task progressed. But who would get the golden tickets? Watch the videos to find out what happened on Day 12 in the house....

Day 12 - Fright Night Stars Enter Big Brother House

Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Anton Yelchin enter the house, with a spicy surprise for one housemate. They have an extra ticket to the Fright Night screening to give away, if a housemate is prepared to eat a raw garlic kebab for the privilege...

Day 12 - Kerry Talks Tactical Voting

Kerry discusses her theories on why Darryn was nominated - blaming "snakes" voting tactically.

Day 12 - Fright Night Task - Garlic Challenge

Watch housemates take on Garlic Smoothies, Garlic Cereal, Garlic Ice Cream, Chocolate covered Garlic and Garlic Jelly; in an attempt to win a place at tonight's exclusive screening of Fright Night in the Big Brother House.

Day 12 - Nominations Revealed

The housemates are gathered at the sofas to discover which of them face the public vote this week.

Day 12 - Fright Night Task Revealed

Housemates are given today's task by Hollywood stars Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Anton Yelchin.

Day 12 - Amy's Washing Up Rant

The state of the kitchen becomes too unbearable for domestic goddess Amy Childs.

Day 12 - Bobby And Tara Bicker

The housemates were punished after Bobby and Tara discussed nominations and now things appear frosty between the pair.

Day 12 - Jedward's Cold Shower

It will take more than a little cold water to stop the Jedward boys from having their morning wash.

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