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Friday, 2 September 2011

Celeb BB PICTURES: Trolley Derby

Day 15 and part two of the Shop Till You Drop Task - Jedward, Kerry and Bobby went through to the Alley Rumble. The Rumble will put the four housemates in two teams which will compete against each other. Within each team, one housemate must sit in a shopping trolley, and the other must stand behind it. Jedward must make a team, so the competition will pit the twins against Kerry and Bobby.

The housemate who is pushing each trolley must push it into a group of ‘BB noodles’. The objective is to get as many of the ‘noodles’ into a pyramid as possible. The winner will be the team that gets the most noodles into the pyramid.

The winning team will bag themselves the chance to choose the shopping for the rest of the housemates - tune into Channel 5 tonight at 9pm to find out what happened.

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