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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Celeb BB VIDEOS: Day 14 - Kerry Gets A Message From Home

Day 14 had a restless Jedward and an emotional Kerry as housemates were surprised by the secret eviction (see previous post). Here are the videos from Celebrity Big Brother ......

Day 14: Kerry's Message From Home

Kerry has been called to the Diary Room as it's her daughter's 10th birthday, Big Brother provided a birthday cake with 10 candles in it and told Kerry she could win 1 minute on the phone for every candle she blew out in a single breath.

Day 14: Jedward Pillow Fight

The Jedward boys fancy causing some mischief so they start a pillow fight with Bobby and Lucien.

Day 14: Restless Edward

Edward dresses up as a bat and tries to wake up the sleepy you do!

Day 14: Have I Been A Good Housemate

Darryn asks Paddy what his opinion of him is during their morning work out.

Day 14: Darryn And Tara Clear The Air

Darryn and Tara have an early morning chat in the Garden in an attempt to put their differences behind them.

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