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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Celeb BB PICTURES: Jedward Go Punk

Jedward decided to try and recreate the punk era by bringing a little anarchy to the Big Brother House. Edward, who was suffering from the lack of hair drying equipment, joined John in dressing up as ‘punks’ sporting a tight ponytail cocked up high on his head and set about creating some Jedward styled mayhem in the House.

After a pillow fight in the Garden with Lucien and Bobby, where Jedward threw Lucien’s scarf into the swimming pool, it was time to set their sights on bigger things. A bottle of washing up liquid, two chairs into the pool and some tomato soup flicking later Jedward’s batteries showed no sign of running flat, much to the other housemate’s annoyance. The bedroom was where Jedward decided to end their punk antics pulling the covers from the beds and generally messing up the housemate’s boudoir.

After a telling off from Kerry, Paddy and Amy – Jedward decided to apologise for their punk behaviour and remake all the beds and tidy up the clothes from the floor.

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