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Monday, 29 August 2011

Celeb BB: Jedward In A Nappy!

Day 11 - It seems Big Brother is not happy with Jedward for their behaviour after Saturday's task. Marco Pierre-White deemed the boys as the losers of the task. Their punishment was to clean the kitchen after all the housemates and boy, was the Kitchen in some state. But in true Jedward style the boys made quite a mess.

In fact the kitchen really wasn’t cleaned at all. After the ‘clean up’ the boys proceeded to steal eggs from the fridge and smash them all over each other in the bathroom. They weren’t alone in this though. Initially Kerry was really angry and disappointed with the boys but knowing there was no way of getting through to the naughty boys, she broke an egg over Johns head.

 The twins decided to waste yet even more food and build a house of toast, complete with all the slices buttered. Of course food is very precious to the Housemates. Perhaps Big Brother has simply had enough of these two behaving like babies and now it is time to treat them just like that. Big Brother has given the boys, nappies, dummies, security blankets and they must wear until further notice.

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