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Friday, 2 September 2011

Cele BB: Jedward Leave House For Supermarket Trolley Dash

Day 16: Having won the Shop Til You Drop Task, John and Edward were called into the Diary Room just before midnight by Big Brother. They were then whisked off to a supermarket in London to take part in a real life trolley dash! They were given five minutes to collect orders from their other housemates before they left. The most notable requests were Paddy’s shoe polish, Amy’s biscuits and Kerry’s menthol cigarettes.

Jedward were given two runs in the supermarket to collect as much as possible. In the first run, John collected £303.46 worth of shopping, with items such as 41lb of bananas, 11 large jars of coffee, 2 legs of frozen lamb and a lot of sweets. We’re not convinced that Darryn will be pleased with that: coffee infused lamb anyone?

In the second run, Edward collected £200.48 worth of shopping, including 16 boxes of organic eggs, 17 boxes of blueberries and 10 punnets of red grapes. It’s reassuring to know that the housemates will be getting at least two of their five a day over the coming week: that is if they enjoy blueberries, anyway.

Jedward returned to the House with their £503.94 worth of shopping in 2 trolleys and woke up the House to show off their successful shop. At least it wasn't £500 worth of hair gel!

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